Just Say No During Weight Loss Surgery Holidays

Even though it has been three years since my vertical gastrectomy weight loss surgery I still do not eat narrowly what I use to.  Yes I am eating more than a couple of bites.  I had the pleasure of helping a relative on her first Thanksgiving since having bariatric weight loss surgery (RNY).   I watched her eat and stir  her food like all of us have done that have had weight loss surgery.  I keep a vigil eye on her and after a few to many bites I could see she was not able to figure out a way to get away from the table.  I made up an excuse to get her and I away from the Thanksgiving feast.  She thanked me and we talked about not being afraid to get up away from the table and if she wanted to return after digesting a little.

Even after three years I excuse myself from the table all the time.  I have to just walk away from food.  If I don’t I  will eat myself sick and that is not a pretty site.  My recommendation to anyone that has just had weight loss surgery and this is your first holiday season is to Just Say NO!

Don’t be afraid to get up and get away from the situation.  Otherwise it will be more embarrassing to have a problem right at the table.  With this in mind

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays which ever makes you more comfortable.

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