First Christmas Party Since Weight Loss Surgery

Tonight is the Christmas Party for C2m Hill, oh excuse me Holiday Party.  Kind of taken back when I went in to get a nice button up shirt to wear to the party.  I was looking forward to being able to get any color I wanted since I lost so much weight.  Well I was informed I still needed a size 20″ neck shirt.  Okay fine show me the way, well there were 4 basic color shirts I had to chose from I was not happy about this.  I have lost over 100 pounds and a ton of it in my neck and upper body but I still have a size 20 neck.  Ouch, I guess my neck was pretty large before cause I have lost a lot of it so far. I was able to get a nice leather jacket to accompany my outfit that was 2x which is a far cry from a 5x. Well anyways wanted to write down some of what I was thinking today I will leave you of the picture of us at the Christmas Party.

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