Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Before and after weight loss surgery updates: I have had a very successful weight loss surgery up to this point.  I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VG) surgery on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 0900.  Had to check myself in on Monday for heart precautions.  I admitted myself at 0800 and had a right heart catheter put in at 1030 by my cardiologist took 30 minutes. That went extremely well considering the last one I had it took them 2 hours and 4 doctors. Then I went to CCU (coronary care unit) for the rest of the day.  Bowel prep started at 1640 and boy oh boy by 1830 I was sitting all night. I consider myself lucky because they thought they were going to putting a balloon pump in and that would have meant I lay there for bowel prep would not have been good.

I then went into weight loss surgery at 0715 on Tuesday and Dr. John Rabkin performed surgery at 0900 (so I was told) and out of surgery at 0959.  All early detections were that it was a success.  In my wife’s mind when I got up to ICU (intensive care unit) and said something to her she was happy.  Quit frankly, I do not remember a damn thing from surgery until the next day. Due to my heart condition I did not get out of bed that night.  I remember seeing some key people on Tuesday. My WIFE, Dr. John Rabkin, and Barbara Metcalf.  I was told I held conversations with these people, sorry but do not recall talking.  Let’s be honest here about the pain.  I was not in much pain on Tuesday, mainly because I do not remember much of it.  Now Wednesday, started off okay.  Then I played macho man and did not use my PCA (patient-controlled analgesia) nearly enough. The pain at one point was pretty severe. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 how much?  My wife looked at the chart that California Pacific Medical Center provided that showed pain levels.  She said well it is obvious he is a 10 he is crying.  So they doped me up and provided extra pain medication. That did the trick, my pain was tolerable, and of course the side effect is that I slept most of the day, but that was okay with me.  Wednesday night, actually I think it was Thursday early morning.  I told my nurse I wanted my follie out.  So we took care of that and with in an hour I also got up and went to the bathroom the nurses were thrilled about that.  Thursday was a catch up day for me on what happened the two days before. I also had my first meal, well if you call a Popsicle a meal then yes my first meal.

I was released Friday and finally made it home.  I have some pain don’t get me wrong however it is not bad at all.  I think the biopsy they did on my liver hurts more than my wounds.  Speaking of wounds, I have 4 lap holes and one 2 inch incision on my belly button.  Eating is so different, my mind is going crazy. My 9 month old daughter eats more than me.  As a matter of fact I am using her baby spoon to eat.  So it feels like I am eating more instead of 2 bites from a teaspoon. I get approx 5-6 baby spoon bites. Fluids, well fluids have been interesting. I take my sips, sips, sips (like you said Barb). After 1 to 2 sips I have to stop and wait. Then within a minute or two I have this throw up sensation, but all it is, is a little air bubble.

Take what I write here as just another example of the way people take weight loss surgeries.  Remember I had extra precautionary measures being taken due to my heart condition. I look forward to keeping everyone updated as the days and weeks go by.

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