5-days After Weight Loss Surgery


Slept okay last night for my first night home. I woke up and went straight for the kitchen and made 3 eggs, 2 pieces of toast and some spam.  During this cooking process my wife woke up and came out to ask what I was doing.  I told her I was making me something to eat.  She said Jeff you can’t eat that or you will get sick.  It dawned on me she was right and stood there wondering what in the world I was doing.  First mind trip from the weight loss surgery.  Funny how your mind is the one telling you to eat because I was not and don’t get hungry after vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  They took out a little over 80% of my stomach and they say the part they took out is the part that has the hormones that tell your brain your hungry.

Instead I went in and had a bowel movement.  Weighted myself and I am at 314 pounds.  That is 11 pounds down just a short of a week from surgery.  I had 6 baby spoon bites of egg salad my wife made. I am taking my pills slowly over time.

Update on how I am doing today. I am not doing bad with the pain, the area where the biopsy took place still gives me fits but getting better. I am back on all my prescribed heart medications. Today is the first day I took the Lasix and have felt drained all day and get dizzy when getting up.  I had that a little before but it is very noticeable today.  Mind: Well my mind has been good today. Not to much thinking about food which was nice.

Breakfast: egg salad
Lunch: tuna made with mayo and spices
Dinner: having 3 shrimp

I ate with one of my daughters baby spoons.  It takes approx 5 of those to equal one teaspoon. I am eating about 5-6 baby spoons full right now.

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