3 Month Weight Loss Surgery Milestone

Today is a milestone for my weight loss.  I am officially down 100 pounds since becoming sick May 2005. This is the magic number my cardiologist wanted me at to be a better heart transplant candidate.  I am very pleased to say that thanks to losing 66 pounds since my bariatric surgery I will not need a heart transplant.

First Thanksgiving After Weight Loss Surgery

This is my first Thanksgiving since having laparoscopic bariatric surgery (a.ka. vertical sleeve gastrectomy).  I would rather stay home and not deal with this holiday that is centered around food.  I just have to remember to eat a little bit and get up and not subject myself to over eating.

Due to my weight loss surgery I was not able to eat a lot. Instead I fed the baby and keep tabs of her so that I would not think about all the delicous food.  Keeping your mind occupied will help you not think about food with in turns causes over eating.

Thanksgiving Thoughts and Weight Loss Surgery Update

As of last Tuesday I weighted in at 266 pounds.  When I hit 259 I will have lost 100 pounds since my heart problems in May.  That will be quite an accomplishment.  I still do 20 minutes on the treadmill and then work out my chest and stomach.  I get an aqua message that caps the workout rather nicely.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I am not looking forward to it at all.  I hope it will all be about the friendship and not about my weight loss surgery.  This will be the first year I will not eat two or more full plates of food.  I will be lucky to get down a small plate.

Had an echocardiogram done and my ejection fraction is approx 25-28% that is doubled what it was May 2005. Not out of the woodwork yet but doing better.

2005-Nov-18 Weight Loss Update

I weigh every Tuesday and today my weight was 268.2 pounds.  Still losing and still feeling good for the most part. I had a bad weekend, I ate to much dairy (which was not a lot) and boy did I pay for it.  On Sunday I ate to much to fast.  Actually I think it was the fact that the juice from my meat mixed with the rice and bloated me.  I commenced to throw up for about 10 minutes was not fun.

Long over due Weight Loss update

Sorry it has been over a month since blogging.  I have been busy getting back to work after my surgery.  I am doing good as of 11-1-2005 I am weighing in at 271.6 which is down 53.9 pounds since bariatric surgery on 8-30-2005.  I have been working out, doing cardiovascular exercise and lifting weights.  I am starting slow and light and working my way up.  I still have heart issues that I have to pay attention to.

I hope to get an echocardiogram done within the next couple of months to see if the weight loss is helping.  I sure hope it is helping otherwise I may have to get on the heart transplant list and I DO NOT want to do that.

I need to try and eat my 4-5 bites of protein for lunch.