10-days After Weight Loss Surgery

Good morning:

Sort of a disappointing morning. I weighed in and I was only 299.0 pounds. That is only a .6 loss, I guess I expect more.  I have emailed Barb to ask her if this is normal.  I was told normal average loss is about 1 pound a day. I guess this is pretty close just expected more.

Tammy, Adriana, and I went for a walk this morning.  We went to the Sundial Bridge and walked for 30 minutes.  It was very nice outside and was a beautiful walk. My back hurts a lot, but that will subside in a few weeks.  I fed the baby this morning and I enjoy doing that.  Helped Tammy (wife) cut some veggies up for her bunko party tonight.  I am going to list some things I have been eating for future knowledge and/or recollection.

Egg salad
Tuna canned
Tuna fish
Seaseme Jerky (protein)
Crystal Light (sugar-free)

I am up to 3 teaspoons before feeling overwhelmed.  My incisions are healing slowly but surely.  Can not wait to be able to go swimming.  Dad has finished his new pool and it is a work of art.

Pool by Blankenship Pools

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