1 week to check-in for Weight Loss Surgery

Good afternoon:

I have one week left before I check myself in at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco for weight loss surgery.  My weight loss has been fluctuating by 3-5 pounds over the course of the last three or so days.

Received an email from Barbara Metcalf at Pacific Laparoscopy and she asked if I wanted to go public with my issues.  I told her if the bariatric weight loss surgery helps my heart like we hope then heck yes. This is a serious problem, young people are dying for no apparent reason.  Well it is due to a problem they have had for years. It is called morbid obesity and sleep apnea.  My journey will begin in one week I am excited, yet nervous inside.  I think I have everything in order. I look forward to writing about my journey and who knows maybe I will be a spokesman for something.  Stranger things have happened.

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